Healing Concerts with Mary Sue Englund

“I believe that music can heal our SPIRITS, and in turn, perhaps our bodies as well. Music is that intangible, almost magical thing that can take us to another place, if only for a little while, but sometimes it can help our hearts turn the corner to a better view of life.


After seeing the profound effect that the song, ‘I AM A WOMAN’ had on people in concert, I was inspired to write a complete album of what I consider to be “healing songs.” for those needing encouragement; for those fighting illness or grief, or those craving a little joy. Frankly, I think that is everyone!

In the style of passionate, lyrical contemporary, the songs range from uptempo joyful to the more intense: I even wrote one that yells at God. We all need a release. We all need our hearts and minds reset every once in a while. I hope that this music will help folks do just that. (click here to listen to the songs)” —Mary Sue Englund

Healing Concerts

Where are healing concerts performed?

We perform as a full band in theaters, music venues or in community centers, or as a duo in hospital waiting rooms, conference rooms, or in house concert venues. We go where the music is needed!

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About Mary Sue

Mary Sue Englund is a singer-songwriter who has released five self-penned albums to date. A staple at the Grand Ole Opry, Englund has toured the world with country legend Pam Tillis as her pianist, guitarist, violinist and harmony vocalist for the past 10 years.

“Mary Sue's healing concert transported me to a serene place within my heart - amazing energy.” —Karen P., cancer survivor

“Mary Sue Englund's music is enjoyable and her voice beautiful. She was so kind and personable at her Healing Concert, interacting with the survivors and friends before, after and during the concert. She was such an inspiration with her enthusiasm and thoughtful and even profound lyrics.” —Dr. Angela Soto-Hamlin

“Mary Sue performed at two of our locations. The setting was intimate full of patients, caregivers, staff, and community members. The experience exceeded my expectations. It was inspiring, touching, thrilling, fun, and entertaining. The audience loved it. Mary Sue’s Healing Concert Series is one of the best things that our area has experienced. We hope that she will come to Central Pennsylvania annually and share her amazing talent with us.” —Leesa Vitek, CRNP

“I felt very blessed to be a part of such a special event. Mary Sue sings with passion and heart. The I Am Woman Book/CD is inspiring as are all her other songs. I have been listening to her CD's and it just keeps bringing back the magic of the evening!” —Henrietta H

“Mary Sue Englund has a beautiful voice, a wonderful sense of humor and an ability to engage the audience so they feel part of an incredible experience.” —Anita W.

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