I AM A WOMAN cover

I AM A WOMAN. It is a simple enough statement, isn't it? However, being a woman can be overwhelmingly complex and yet staggeringly beautiful. Each facet of womanhood is to be admired and treasured. The women in these pages represent many of those facets. Let them inspire you to face a new challenge or share a smile or kind word with a woman who could use some inspiration of her own. Whether you are fighting an illness, struggling through loss, making a life change, or watching your children grow and wondering where life is leading you, let I AM A WOMAN be a reminder of your own grace and courage.

READ the book and share in the stories of amazing women-- some famous, some who just quietly changed lives behind the scenes--who climbed their own mountains, faced their fears, chased their dreams, and became heroines of their time.

LISTEN to the song upon which this book was based. You will find "I Am A Woman" on a CD in the back of the book. The pages of this book are filled with the lyrics to the song, the last page being the most special of all. I hope you find beauty in the song, and peace and strength in its message.

Every woman needs to celebrate her own unique gifts and wonders. I hope that I AM A WOMAN will speak to you of the gifts and wonders of being a woman. May it also remind you why you should treasure the women in your life.

–Mary Sue Englund

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